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Analysts are looking at shifts in the music industry with increased concern. The current digital music trends point in exactly one direction: more streaming, and less buying. Both physical album sales AND direct digital downloads are on the decline, while streaming services like Spotify and Beats Music are growing by leaps and bounds.

The problem here is simply this: those services aren’t making much money, and their artists make even less. However, the public demand for streaming music is unlikely to go away, and it’s going to be up to artists to find new revenue sources.

Digital Music Trends: Making Money In A Steaming Music Era

1 – More Live Music

Streaming is ubiquitous. Live acts are not. While we’re expecting crossovers to happen soon, such as exclusive live streaming shows, your bread and butter will be your real-life live gigs. Scarcity drives pricing, and live acts will always be more scarce than digital music.

If you aren’t constantly looking to improve your live show and get better bookings, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage.

2 – More Pre-Funding

Bands have been “kickstarting” albums via crowdfunding since the millennium.  British proggers Marillion have crowdfunded ALL their albums for more than a decade.  If you have a fanbase that’s even in the thousands, this is probably an option you should look to explore.

The true fans understand you need money to make music.  They’ll be willing to help out if you make the proposition a good one.

3 – More Bundling

The “bundle” exploded into the gaming scene a couple years ago by offering a combination of multiple titles and pay-what-you-want pricing.  Since then, bundles have gained traction in virtually all forms of media, including music and even comic books.

Getting your tracks into a bundle will bring some profits, as well as the potential of wider exposure.

4 – Gimmicks

More or less anything you can do to make your releases stand out will be worth considering.  Whether it’s physical freebies or digital downloads or even turning your album into an instrument, get creative.

What ideas have you come up with for finding profit in streaming?

Article courtesy of songcastmusic

5 TIPS Every Performing Artiste Should Know

Muss Buss Project ™ C.E.O/Founder –  Rashida Rose give you tips & tricks on how to become successful in the business of music, from a Jamaican perspective, If one needs to succeed in the music industry & make money in the entertainment industry, while doing what you love to do, practicing these principles will definitely make or assist you to traverse towards becoming a power player in the business of music.

Who will benefit from this info:

  • – Singers
  • – Songwriters
  • – Music Producers
  • – Deejays
  • – Marketing professionals
  • – Business Managers
  • – Artiste Manager

 ♂5 TIPS Every Performing Artiste Should Know.⏎ [Video ]

TIP #1: GET REPRESENTATION (put your best foot forward)

Get a professional’s perspective; get a professional to represent you

Have & idea, Sing, Dance, Deejay, create sounds & play instrument, and you want the world, to know you exist, get council, research, try our tip videos mentorship is available, to whoever that needs it. Talent is important but preparation & presentation is ultra important.

TIP #2: BE RESPECTFUL (first impression is lasting)

When approaching potential investors, producers, radio disk jocks, sound system operators, check the mood of the environment/person, and first use empathy

(Put yourself in his/her position) almost EVERYDAY they consistently be bombarded, plagued, stalked, bad up etc. for a chance to have there music featured/played or get put on the latest or happening producer.

Make sure your approach isn’t threatening, nor overly disturbing, make it so interesting as to get there attention, without disrespecting there company/people/person they are speaking to before you interrupted them, introduce yourself quickly, ask how you can send your music & if they’re working on anything that could accommodate you…Example (Yuh have a riddim yah work pon or yah put out nuh new artiste?) or whatever or whoever you represent in that space & time, VERY IMPORTANT whenever you send your music make sure it is MP3 this will allow the receiver to hear you almost instantaneously, also attach your contact information along with any social media that’ll show you off in the best light…

FINAL NOTE on this tip

  • DO NOT approach a Deejay if you’re a Deejay
  • DO NOT approach a Singer if you’re a Singer
  • DO NOT approach a Producer/ Riddim builder if you are providing the same services ALWAYS do the ALTER approaching same person talent may become problematic.

TIP #3: PREPARE YOURSELF – (put more efforts into what you love doing)
Spend time in your craft, properly construct your lyrics, metaphor & melodies so anyone who understand our culture or the type of music your presenting, can understand… test your presentation on friends & family, get there opinion, then ask what they liked or disliked about your presentation also ask how it can be done better or differently.

FINAL NOTE on this tip

   • DO NOT DRINK COLD beverages/drinks before singing/deejay in front of a prospective investor/producer

For whatever reason, record label, newspaper, A&R, stage show promoters, radio/media personnel, etc. make sure your have a professional (PAPK) Performing Artiste Press Kit or a (EPK) Electronic Press Kit, which contains Photographs, CD, DVD, Biography etc.

FINAL NOTE on this tip

If you cannot afford the professional services of a local P.R company, or you choose to solicit here are some

Free & paid resources:



(where to position your music & what music your represent)

To be taken seriously & marketed properly, when  & if you decide to sell

your music, be sure to know what category

Example: (Rising/New/Established) artiste you are, what genre music you represent Example: (Dancehall, Reggae, Merengue, Soca, Funk, Zouk etc.) Music distributors need this information to know, where to place your product.

FINAL NOTE on this tip

  •  DO NOT GIVE/SEND your music to Diskjock who plays Gospel    Music, when your music is clearly secular
  • DO NOT FORCE your music unto ANYONE
  • RESEARCH B4/SEND/CONNECT/SELL your music to always be professional, this is your business, you will be earning & will continue to earn



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